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Cool People, Not Space

The ultimate cooling solution for outdoors, warehouses, hangers and other large or open spaces.

The Power Breezer is a powerful mobile cooling unit that works hard to keep your workforce cool where air conditioning can’t, increasing productivity and improving safety. Engineered to cool outdoors and large open spaces using evaporative cooling technology – while keeping people & equipment dry.

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Advanced Cooling

Reduce temperatures up to 15˚c

No Hose Attachment Required

Large resorvoir (380 L) holds up to 50 hours of water. Pair with a small generator for cooling anywhere

Ultra-Fine Water Atomisation

Keeps people and equipment cool but dry

Low Maintenance

No need to change filters

Huge Range

24m from unit, or 280m2 area in 90˚ arc

Energy Efficient

1.1 kW, 5 amp (less than a hair-dryer)

Highly Mobile

Large sturdy castors make it easy to move around, even on imperfect surfaces

Compact Storage

Head unit folds inside the water reservoir making for secure and easy storage


The Power Breezer is durable and resistant to shocks

Full Service Support

Comprehensive nation-wide service and repair capability

Technical Specifications

Download the Power Breezer technical specifications

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